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I have used You'll Say Wow for a long time now for many different carpet cleaning jobs.
I have found him to be honest, reliable and always very well presented and undoubtedly does a fantastic job no matter how big or small the job is.
Pricing is also very reasonable and I would highly recommend him to anyone enquiring.
The You'll Say Wow franchise should be happy to have such a fantastic person to represent the company.
Posted By: Danielle -
Dear Bob,
As I am having a break from Real Estate, I thought I might take this opportunity to write you a quick note to thank you and the boys at You'll Say Wow for all your hard work.
At times, tradespeople can be unreliable to say the least and every time I have contracted You'll Say Wow for a job, your staff have been nothing but friendly, professional and efficient.
All jobs have been completed to an extremely high standard, to the point where my jaw has dropped when I walk into the property - I wish we had some before and after shots!!
Prices are always reasonable and we really appreciate the fact that you always squeeze us in even at really short notice.
I believe there is no better compliment than word of mouth and you can rest assured that I will recommend you to anyone in need of a brilliant carpet cleaner.
Please pass on my thanks to the staff and I am sure the new property manager will be recommending your services.
Yours sincerely,

Alex Scott
Property Manager
Posted By: Alex Scott
I am writing to thank and to apologise to the You'll Say Wow technician who attended my unit yesterday.
Here's why:
My property manager suggested I engage You'll Say Wow to re clean the unit after I failed my inspection. I had already paid another company to do the job so you can understand I wasn't very pleased when I was told I needed to do it again.
The quote I received from You'll Say Wow was more than my previous job which further added to my anxst. Basically I thought I was being held over a barrel and I felt somewhat exploited. I was in a bad mood and was quite short with your man when I met him to let him in.
After about 30 minutes, I noticed he was still in the first room and I asked him how much longer he thought he would be as I was on my lunch break and had to get back to work. I was stunned when he told me he expected to be at least another hour!!! He explained although it was only 4 rooms he was doing a heavy duty clean in all 4 rooms.
I had met the previous guy in my lunch break and was back in the office 30 minutes after leaving, (this included the 5 minute drive to and from work) so I was beginning to see why your quote was $50 more.
I asked your fellow to ring me when he was finished so I could come back, lock up and pay. I was very surprised when he offered to lock up, bring me the keys and pick up payment so I wouldn't have to leave work again. Pretty thoughtful and a bit more than I deserved considering my earlier bahaviour.
When I got home I got my second surprise. I could not believe my eyes. Seriously the carpets were a different colour! They weren't that good when I moved in and I honestly didn't know the carpets were light pink. I thought they were a pinky grey colour and I had never actually seen them this colour in the 5 years I lived there.
I was speechless and feeling extra guilty about my behaviour so decided to write this letter straight away.
Please pass on my thanks to John for an unbelievable job and let him know I appreciate his efforts and I'm sorry for being a bit testy yesterday. I now realise I was angry with the wrong carpet cleaner.
Posted By: Damien

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